Unparalleled Experience & Attention to Detail

Those with intimate knowledge of the Supply Chain process understand that identification and navigation of inherent pitfalls and hurdles are critical to overall success. At Bankers BMS our dedicated 3PL team, including several key leaders with more than 25 years of experience, provides clients with custom solutions created to fit the unique needs of their operation.

Whether deployed at a client’s facility or managing the project from one of our facilities, the Bankers BMS staff assigned to your project features unequalled expertise in every phase of solution planning and implementation, and eventual transition. A top to bottom Six Sigma process analysis that results in custom, client-centric programs include:

  • Solution development
  • Implementation Scheduling
  • Site Selection
  • Capital Equipment, Vendor & Sub-contractor Sourcing
  • Transportation Network Design
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Complete Documentation
  • Productivity and Quality Control Monitoring

A key component to the success of a Bankers BMS solution is the installation of computer programs, designed to enhance overall operation efficiency. Bankers BMS offers clients the value-added convenience of Order & Warehouse management systems, as well as Web-enabled real time reporting for instantaneous access of day-to-day and up to the minute results.

The Bankers BMS staff starts every project with complete process analysis and strategic planning to ensure successful implementation of a custom program. Bankers’ 3PL professionals possess the knowledge and experience to implement and manage a number of business critical operations for your company.

  • Order Fulfillment – efficient picking, packing and shipment
  • Inventory Management – controlling costs, preventing unnecessary surplus, maintaining effective levels
  • Inbound & Outbound Transportation – negotiating low cost transportation rates for our clients
  • Courier Services – consistent, reliable and confidential scheduling, pick up & delivery
  • Kit Assembly – accurate packing of multi-piece projects and efficient inventory management
  • Reverse Logistics – efficient returns, recalls and/or warranty claims processing
  • Long Term & Short Term Storage – accessible solutions that are safe, secure and climate controlled
  • Print on Demand – cost-effective and time saving use of digital print technology and processes
  • Mail Center Services – improve and maintain efficient flow of time critical communication for both internal and external delivery

Bankers BMS is equipped to address clients’ needs in either of two, equally effective manners.

  1. We will perform a complete evaluation of your existing operation and provide a comprehensive review of logistics, efficiencies and opportunities for improvement.
  2. A Bankers BMS team will undertake and perform the services needed on-site at your facility.

Our clients realize the following operations benefits when they rely on us for fulfillment services.

  • Improved order accuracy
  • Faster turn times
  • Precision tracking
  • Cost reductions
  • Internal staff training for smooth succession and transition
  • Enhanced ergonomics and safety 
  • Higher margins 
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction & Customer Loyalty

Once you place the success of your supply chain in the hands of the experts, our innovative approach creates benefits and advantages our clients enjoy long after their custom program is installed. A review of Our Clients provides an accurate glimpse of the depth and breadth of staff capabilities.

Contact Us today and allow an experienced member of our team the opportunity describe how Bankers BMS can put their expertise to work for you.

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