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Premier Security Services in Uncertain Times

Bankers Business Management Services, Inc, (BBMS) provides premier on-site security services to a variety of clients. In many cases the mere presence of security personnel can deter criminal activity, but BBMS offers highly developed security services to provide premier asset protection.
The experienced Protective Services management team at Bankers understands that each client and each location may require different levels of security. A thorough “needs assessment” ensures appropriate measures are put in place to protect your property, its occupants and visitors.  Bankers BMS security personnel must meet exacting standards prior to hiring or assignment.
Rigorous Screening – Background, criminal record file and fingerprint checks ensure the personnel put in place at your location are of the highest character.
Extensive Training – Each guard is required to earn a Private Security Services Certification, while training in methods that enable them to make decisions based on professional standards and personal judgment, while strictly and impartially enforcing the rules and regulations.
Personal Accountability – Adhering to strict, military-style regulations regarding conduct and appearance, the staff assigned to you commands respect and compliance, while serving to reduce criminal activity at their location.
Once on duty, our dedicated and well-trained staff of officers (security guards) provides a higher level of 24-hour, on-site security service. Bankers BMS security teams
·         Patrol buildings and grounds checking doors, windows, gates, fences and locks
·         Check lighting, heating and fire equipment to ensure normal conditions
·         Guide visitors, provide routine information and conduct searches of bags and parcels when
·         Respond quickly to incidents and work for rapid resolutions of issues or conflicts
·         Issue warnings for rules violations
·         Control access to properties and buildings, and provide Front Desk Security Services for commercial and residential buildings
·         Remain on guard for fire hazards, plumbing emergencies, property damage and, when necessary, initiate appropriate and immediate response measures
In addition to daily duties, BBMS Protective Services sees that you receive accurate and timely reporting of any and all incidents to satisfy risk management & insurance requirements. This powerful combination of highly experienced personnel and dedicated service gives you complete peace of mind.
Contact Us today and a member of our team can provide you with more details. We are confident in our team’s ability to deliver premier Protective Services that meet any location or situation.
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